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Phase One Drone Payloads are productive and versatile camera for drone solutions that support our aerial inspection customers.

Phase One P3 UAV Payload

P3 Payload

The Phase One P3 Payload provides versatile solutions for unmatched productivity in all types of inspection missions. We offer plug-and-play and ready-for-integration options that let you use the drone or UAV that you already own or plan to purchase, to deliver the best image quality, performance, and higher value to your customers.

P3 Payload
Phase One P3 Drone Payload in High Resolution

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Do you want to be able to capture even the smallest details? The resolution of images taken with the Phase One P3 Payload allow for a close inspection of any cracks, holes, dents, irregularities, or anything else you might be looking for.

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Payload Solutions for Drone Inspection

Camera for Drone Bridge Inspection - Phase One

bridges | dams | nuclear facilities

High Value Assets Inspection

Most large infrastructure projects require frequent and detailed inspection with the highest quality and consistency. Geospatial products enable better planning, construction, and maintenance of assets reducing the consequences and financial implications of missing even the smallest faults. Fast, highly responsive, robust, and easily integrated with drones, our cameras deliver superior aerial imaging quality and flexible operation that satisfy diverse inspection projects.

Camera for Drone Powerline Inspection - Phase One

power masts | oil refineries

High Risk Assets Inspection

For many achieving high-quality imagery of high-risk assets was previously an unmet challenge. The superior quality of Phase One imagery allows you to focus on fault-finding, effective repairs, and maintenance when getting up close is not an option.  ​Drones integrated with the iXM 100MP or 50MP cameras give you the ability to cover large areas in one flight, capture accurate data of high-risk infrastructure from afar, and reduce the risk to your UAV, assets, and ground-based surveying teams.

drone camera for professional wind turbine inspection - Phase One

wind turbines​ | Offshore oil rigs​

Time Critical Asset Inspections

Get millimeter-sized damage detection during critical asset inspection. The P3 Payload allows you to get a closer and more detailed look at your assets for better damage detection and quicker identification of focus areas for routine maintenance, reducing the costs of downtime. Our iXM 100MP offers a high-resolution large area sensor, which ensures you capture the right data every time, as repeating the inspection can sometimes be difficult due to external conditions.

There are inspections that are based on very critical anomalies that are generally harder to see with a camera with lesser quality, so when you have a camera like the P3 it makes those inspections significantly easier

Gunner Goldie

UAS Account Manager – Utility Gresco Technology Solutions

Phase One has been able to make a huge leap in innovation when it comes to drone mapping capabilities. What used to take weeks of work and 1000’s of images now takes a matter of days with very few, yet high-quality imagery that revolutionized how we look at data today

Dylan Gorman

Operations Director of ID Vision

The P3 Payload allows the installation of the industry-leading iXM-100 to be partnered with the competent specifications of the DJI M300. The P3 enables our customers to utilize the best camera technology on one of the most capable platforms available in our industry, whether for inspection or mapping applications.

James Pick

Business Development Manager - Coptrz

Phase One’s iXM-100 is the only camera that can capture such sharp and large images with its wide swath, from a safe altitude. The camera just works with no triggering problems.

Markus Bobbe

PHD Researcher - Institute of Flight Guidance, TU Braunschweig

The Phase One camera is really easy to use. All the information needed to operate and integrate the camera is provided. The level of detail in the integration guide and technical documents far exceeds what we have seen from other camera manufacturers

Cory Baker

Draganfly Innovations Production Manager

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