Cameras & Controller

High-resolution medium format and large format cameras designed for aerial photography, mapping and surveying, inspection, and machine vision.

iXM-RS280F Phase One Camera


The iXM-RS280F aerial camera provides a large format option that easily integrates with the DSM 400 gyro-stabilized mount, creating a compact and lightweight system for use in a wide range of aircraft.

iXM-RS150 / iXM-RS100 Phase One Cameras

iXM-RS150F | iXM-RS100F

Phase One's flagship full frame ultra-high resolution aerial camera, with a resolution of 150MP. The iXM-RS cameras allow perfect image quality in a large range of applications.

iXM-RS150F / iXM-RS100F
iXM-100 / iXM-50 Phase One Cameras

iXM-100 | iXM-50

Uniquely designed cameras for UAV-based aerial imagery, the revolutionary Phase One iXM series redefines the boundaries of technological innovation.

iXM-100 / iXM-50
Phase One 4-Band RGB


Combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery for applications such as crop analysis, vegetation health, and environmental contamination, as well as projects including city observation for green site monitoring, Phase One has a fully automatic 4-band solution, using two high-resolution Phase One aerial cameras.

iXM-MV camera system

iXM-MV150F | iXM-MV100

Phase One's full frame, ultra-high resolution machine vision cameras are available in 150MP and 100MP resolutions. Capture the finest details in every image with the iXM-MV camera system.

iXM-MV150F / iXM-MV100
Phase One iX Controller MK5 IMU

iX Controller MK5

Acting as a central hub to Phase One Aerial Systems, the iX Controller with integrated GNSS-Intertial controls the cameras, gyro-stabilizing mount, IMU system, and runs the iX Capture and iX Flight software.

iX Controller

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