3D city modeling camera systems

Aerial Systems

Phase One offers a range of aerial systems to specifically address the challenges of imaging data acquisition projects, such as 2D & 3D city modelling, mapping & surveying and agriculture, helping our customers to increase productivity and reduce costs and time.

3D city modelling aerial system | Phase One PAS880

880MP Oblique and Nadir System

A large format nadir and oblique system, with a 280MP nadir camera and four 150MP oblique cameras, integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.

PAS 880

280MP Aerial System

With over 20,000 pixels across, and compact size and weight, the 280MP Aerial System (PAS 280) provides a higher return on investment compared to any other large-format system available on the market.

PAS 280
Phase One Aerial-System 150MP PAS150 MK2

150MP Aerial System

The 150MP Aerial System (PAS 150) is based on the iXM-RS150F camera. This solution comes ready to work with a fully integrated iX Controller, stabilizer mount, and IMU unit.

PAS 150
Phase One Software - iX Suite

iX Suite - Software for Aerial Systems

Phase One iX Suite is designed to handle all aspects of photogrammetric project workflows, from flight planning to the creation of commercial format images. The software includes iX Plan, iX Flight Pro, and iX Process.

iX Suite

PAS Advantages


Confidently acquire your mission critical data.

Our aerial systems’ unbeatable combination of reliability and real-time data quality control, let you rest assured that your data set is accurate and complete.

Achieve your mission objectives in just ONE flight with Phase One Aerial Systems.

Stay ahead

Reinforce your reputation.

Build customer trust, by always delivering your projects on time and in the highest quality available.

Phase One Aerial Systems are your trusted solution for building long-term customer satisfaction.

Unmatched productivity

Optimize your project with an innovative data workflow.

Leverage the most modern software coupled with the highest value sensor to achieve unrivaled performance.

Phase One Aerial Systems deliver superior productivity.

Upgrading to Phase One next-generation systems has improved our quality, timeliness, and made both our collection and processing more efficient and streamlined. The investment has been well worth the return

Logan Hancock

Vice President Imagery Solutions - Eagle Forestry Services, Inc.

The Phase One Aerial Solution provided us with a complete turnkey aerial imaging solution, compact in size, light in weight and flexible enough to use our current fleet of aircraft, to improve productivity, and bid on bigger projects.

Don Cummins

President - Air Data Solutions

The Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution gives us assurance in the data we're acquiring. There's now a certain confidence that when the system goes out into the field that we're getting good results every time, the first time.

Nathanael Litter

Associate Vice President, Atlantic

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