Aerial Solutions

In addition to its line of cameras, Phase One offers a range of solutions to specifically address the challenges of imaging data acquisition projects, helping our customers to increase productivity and reduce time and costs.

Phase One PAS880

Oblique and Nadir System 880MP

A large format nadir and oblique system, with a 280MP nadir camera and four 150MP oblique cameras, integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.

PAS 880
Phase One PAS 280

280MP Aerial Solution

With over 20,000 pixels across, and compact size and weight, the 280MP Aerial Solution (PAS 280) provides a higher return on investment compared to any other large-format system available on the market.

PAS 280
Aerial Solution 150MP

150MP/100MP Aerial Solution

The 150MP/ 100MP Aerial Solution (PAS 150/ PAS 100) is based on the iXM-RS150F/ iXM-RS100F Camera. This solution comes ready to work with a fully integrated iX Controller, stabilizer mount, and GPS/IMU equipment.

PAS 150 / PAS 100

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